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Client Société Générale Bank & Trust Luxembourg (SGBT)
Secteur Banques et assurances

SGBT - An Information System for space and occupants’ management


Implementation of an information system to face a fast growth and optimise the spaces


Société Générale Bank & Trust Luxembourg (SGBT)

SGBT Luxembourg is a 100% subsidiary of the Société Générale group, one of the leading French banks and one of the oldest, forming part of the three pillars of the French banking industry. 

Established in 1893 under the name SOGENAL, it was the first foreign bank to set up in the Grand Duchy. From the outset, it accompanied the development of Luxembourg industry and contributed to the emergence of the financial centre. 

SGBT Luxembourg is located on 36,600 m. in 13 different buildings in the centre of Luxembourg, with 1,440 occupants under management.


SGBT chooses ARCHIBUS to manage its workspaces and support its growth

In 2012, SGBT was facing a very strong growth and decided to implement the information
system ARCHIBUS for the daily management of the facilities management. This solution enabled an exhaustive follow up of the working spaces and their occupants.


ARCHIBUS deployment process: Methodology and key success factors

General deployment process
Workshop > design specifications > configuration > testing and acceptance > production launch > implementation methodology

Implementation methodology
The proposed methodology is based on gap analysis workshops designed to make the most of standard functionalities and to ensure that users benefit from the best practices built into the software package. This approach guarantees the long-term viability of the tool and limits the need for future intervention when upgrading versions or implementing additional modules.

Key success factors
Active in this field for almost 20 years, aremis consultants have identified the main conditions guaranteeing the success of a deployment project:

1. Initial support and regular involvement of management;
2. Identification, assignment and detailed planning of activities;
3. Clear definition of roles and project management methods;
4. The active participation of both partners in the management of the project;
5. The phasing of objectives;
6. Taking into account the actual availability of resources allocated to the project.


The concrete results of implementing ARCHIBUS

The ARCHIBUS implementation resulted in: 

  • Smooth management of spaces using AutoCAD plans synchronised with the database; 
  • a reliable inventory of equipment and furniture; 
  • rigorous management of fit-out and investment projects; 
  • monitoring legal constraints; 
  • regular publication of a coherent set of reports.
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