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Our solutions for efficient and virtuous workplace and real estate

"There's no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to unlocking the potential of your corporate real estate or workplace.

That’s why, at AREMIS, our experienced teams take the time to understand your unique needs and work alongside you to deliver exceptional business outcomes."
Overview of our solutions
Establish the strategic and tactical foundations to support your organisation's needs today and be ready to seize opportunities in the future.
Create a purposeful workspace that embodies your DNA, attracts talent, and empowers your people.
workplace digital solutions
Streamline and optimise your real estate, workplace, or facilities management with powerful, scalable digital solutions.
workplace analytics dashboard
Leverage your organisation’s data to gain deeper insights and make better, faster business decisions.
talent recruitment solutions
Find the temporary or permanent talent you need to accelerate your projects, support your in-house teams, or bring specialist expertise in a critical area.
Whatever your challenge...

We have plenty of solutions

Whatever your ambitions, we’ll help you achieve them.
Here's why AREMIS is the solution:

  • Expertise: Over 30 years in the industry make the difference
  • Integration: Our skills cover all the changing needs of occupiers, workplace revolutions and the latest technological advances
  • Independence: Thanks to our independent shareholding, all our recommendations are guided exclusively by your interests.
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Unleash your workplace potential
Looking for results?

Partnering with AREMIS means benefitting from our decades of experience supporting organisations of all sizes, and from all sectors in optimising their real estate and workplace management.

Take a look at our long list of case studies.

paris team

Why insurance companies trust AREMIS so much

"Thanks to the additional skills of AREMIS experts and their high degree of flexibility, AXA Belgium was able to successfully carry out all the relocation projects...a huge task, very well organised by the AREMIS consultants.  

A real success story!"

RAF BOTERDAELE, Head of Building Management AXA Belgium



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