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AREMIS for DPG media - case study
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Client DPG Media
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DPG Media - Back to (a better) work after the pandemic


How many people use a building and what their real needs are


The "sexiest" company according to its employees

DPG Media is a multimedia group based in Belgium, the Netherlands and Denmark, with 15 million television viewers, readers, internet users and listeners.

AREMIS for DPG media - case study

Back to (a better) work environment


  • Understanding the real need for space is becoming much more complex with new ways of working.
  • Individual perceptions are often contradictory and differ from objective reality. 
  • Peak occupancy can be frequent or occasional, depending on the team. 


All this generally leads to an excess of space, with considerable environmental and financial consequences.


This is exactly the challenge DPG Media faced for its new 16,000 m² headquarters in Antwerp.

AREMIS for DPG media - case study

Our Workplace Analytics Dashboard (WAD)

In just a few days, AREMIS consultants cross-referenced and analysed several sources of data - focusing on existing data - to provide decision-makers with an indisputable view of the actual occupation of space by DPG Media's various departments.

AREMIS for DPG media - case study

Less costs, more revenues and more collaborative space

Thanks to this objective analysis, DPG Media was able to free up 2 out of 10 floors.

One was sublet. The other was reorganised as a collaborative and social space.

The occupants benefit from this new collaborative space and the group has resized its spaces to meet its needs, while reducing its carbon footprint.

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