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Orange - Means and methods to be implemented for BIM management in Operations


ORANGE, the digital transition of the management tools of the real estate in operation. The Orange group has chosen AREMIS to define the technological means and methods necessary for a BIM management in the development phase.


The ORANGE Group

Orange is one of the world's leading telecommunications operators:


  • 2016 revenues: 40.9 billion €
  • over 150,000 employees including 93,000 in France
  • presence in 29 countries
  • the Group serves 269 million customers


AREMIS supports the Orange Group in the transition of its Real Estate Information System bricks to the ARCHIBUS integrated solution. In parallel to this project, a complementary mission was launched to define the technological means and methods to be implemented for a technical and graphic "BIM" management of its assets in operation.


The arrival of the "BIM" technological revolution

Every organization must prepare for the BIM technology revolution. The objective is first to define optimal collaborative and technological frameworks for future projects. Then, it is to prepare the company for the continuous management of this new type of information.


Good practice vs. constraints

AREMIS organized its mission in several stages:

The first step consisted in the review of the BIM protocol (Specifications) prepared by Orange with the help of its current AMO so that it integrates the constraints and good practices particular to the management of exploitation assets. After a presentation of the provisional version of the protocol, AREMIS organized different exchanges with the concerned experts and produced a first list of recommendations of amendments. This was challenged collectively to arrive at a version 1.0 validated by Orange.


The second stage began with an awareness session whose objective was to make the management teams aware of the fact that the life cycle of BIM information necessarily involves a transition from the "Design & Construction" world to the "Operations" world. These two worlds live in fundamentally different technical and organizational contexts.


Once the BIM information life cycle process was redefined, we were able to identify the key stages. The key factors in their transition were highlighted. In particular, certain constraints specific to the use of BIM models in native integration with ARCHIBUS were defined.


Finally, the last step was to define an organizational and technological target for the management of BIM information in real life. How to ensure the continuous modification of the models? How to imagine the sharing of information between teams? How to manage access? What IT resources should be implemented?


A future of integration

The mission was organized in three parts:

  • AREMIS reviewed and commented on the "BIM Exploitation" protocol proposal prepared by Orange, to ensure that it incorporated critical points that would facilitate future data Exploitation.
  • AREMIS drafted a technical and methodological recommendation to facilitate the transition of BIM data from the Design & Construction phases to the Operations phase.
  • AREMIS has drawn up a recommendation for the organization of the continuous management of BIM information during the life of the asset.

Added value

AREMIS' added value was to bring complementary knowledge to that of the experts already in charge of BIM issues for Orange.
AREMIS combines triple expertise in graphic technologies, asset management tools and best practices in commercial real estate and facility management.

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