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Constant control of

01 your corporate real estate

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Constant control of

02 your workspaces

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Constant control of your

03 services to buildings and occupiers

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AREMIS is your partner for the ideal optimised work environment.

We help you to control the 3 main areas of the working environment: your property portfolio, your workspaces and your services to buildings and their occupants.

AREMIS contributes to your objectives. A solution for every need. From consultancy about implementing IT to the solutions provided by our professional experts. You simply progress with peace of mind.

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Key figures

+ 45

m2 of managed space

+ 150

clients who trust us

+ 22

years experience working for our clients

+ 100

talented staff, consultants and experts

Our business cases

Day-to-day relocations under the master plan in a dynamic environment

Constantly (re)organising workspaces for several thousand people is a daily challenge on which the wellbeing and performance of the whole organisation depend.

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Renewal of mutli-technology and multi-service procurement contracts

Guidance in processing and structuring property operations

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Gradual Rollout of the information system

The Information System at the heart of running property and real estate assets.  

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Smart working : from design to post-implementation care

Implementing a New Way of Working  to address fast growth, to save space and  to reduce the carbon footprint.

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Our major local or international references

Thanks to our expertise built over the years, we advise you and are also fully able to make our own recommendations. You decide where to place the cursor.

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They trust us

AREMIS clients include numerous leading local and international companies from various sectors.