Harness the power of workplace data to make informed decisions


Need to understand your workplace dynamics on a deeper level?

Your workplace generates a wealth of valuable operational data on how and when the space is being used, such as badge swipes, WiFi connections, sensor data, IWMS data , and more.

But data alone doesn't answer the questions you have about how your space is used. Like how can we better encourage people to come to the office more often? Or do our employees have access to the services they need?

With the right approach, you can leverage workplace data to identify challenges and unlock opportunities to better meet your employees’ needs  – without ad hoc investments that deliver no returns and don’t contribute to your overall goals.

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A deeper understanding of how your space is used

We take existing quantitative data like badge swipes and sensor data and combine it with qualitative evaluations from employees to provide a new level of understanding that can inform your strategic decisions.


Equipped with new insights, you'll be better able to adapt your policies appropriately – and with regular data analysis, you'll be able to see the impact of those changes and rapidly adapt to evolving needs and context.


Whether you need ad-hoc analysis of available datasets or a robust data integration architecture that provides real-time or near-real-time updates and dashboards, our team can tailor the right solution for you.


In most cases, a limited investment in decision-support data provides the best possible return on investment you can get in terms of workplace spending.

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Leveraging the right data can bring a new level of insight and agility to your organisation – and investing in decision-support data gives excellent ROI.


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Enthusiastic data experts ready to tackle your challenge

Our team of data specialists brings together generalist data scientists, seasoned analysts and creative data integration experts who offer a holistic approach to understanding your real estate and workplace data.

Whether you need us to analyse existing datasets on an ad hoc basis or develop a robust data integration architecture  and dashboard for your organisation, we have the skills and passion to bring your data to life.

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We leverage real-world experience for a well-rounded perspective

Our work touches on all aspects of the workplace environment and real estate, and we collaborate closely with our colleagues across AREMIS domains.

We leverage this collective expertise in our consulting approach. This allows us to incorporate first-hand experience with industry best practices and benchmarks to give you a well-rounded perspective.

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