AREMIS Suisse | membre réseau de la Work Smart Initiative

16 March 2021

Flexible working, at the heart of workplace strategy


The Work Smart Initiative is an association that aims to actively support the implementation of flexible working models within Swiss companies. This approach responds to the quest for agility and flexibility that is shaping the futur of the workplace.

AREMIS is strongly committed to family values and a strong advocate of the right balance between work and private life. We are also sensitive to our social responsibility this is also why are carbon footprint is reduced by more than 50% compared to a traditional work environment thanks to flexible working measures.

To show its commitment to Smart Working, AREMIS is a signatory of the Work Smart Initiative charter ( Since 2018, we are also an active member of the partner network for the expansion of the values of the charter and we contribute in supporting companies in Switzerland.
Flexible working implies above all a true cultural transformation of the company whose foundations must be autonomy, responsibility and trust. Through a human-centred approach, each company can undertake this cultural transformation at its own pace, take its share of social responsibility by reducing its carbon footprint and revolutionising the efficiency, motivation and well-being of its employees.
With a holistic vision of spatial, technological and behavioral components, AREMIS is committed to transforming workspaces into workplaces that stimulate creativity and productivity by providing spaces dedicated to the activities and needs of employees. The office becomes the place where employees can find inspiration, create, meet and share but above all a place where it feels good and right to work.


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