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EPFL - ARCHIBUS asset management solution


Growth of building portfolio supported by dependable, sustainable tool


Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL)

Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) is one of two Swiss Federal Institutes of Technology. Since gaining its status as a National University in 1969, this young engineering establishment has developed across a number of areas. Today, it is one of Europe’s leading science and technology institutes.

EPFL’s main campus extends across some 540,000 m2 and brings together almost 11,000 students, researchers and staff. The task set the Buildings and Infrastructure Department (DII) is to provide this scientific community with a top-quality infrastructure of movable and immovable property that meets the requirements of training and research.



Optimising budget and asset management: how the EPFL is responding to its growth with a reliable management tool

In line with its strong growth, EPFL has launched numerous sizeable building projects. The DII’s annual budget is now approximately 75 million CHF, 40 million of which is spent on investments, while the other 35 million is the operating budget.

In order to manage and control this budget to best effect and to have detailed knowledge of its assets for statistical purposes – a condition imposed by its funding providers – EPFL was looking to acquire a dependable, sustainable management tool.


From analysis to support: how AREMIS facilitates the deployment of process and information management solutions

Needs analysis

Stage 1 consists of analysing needs in terms of the processes and information to be managed. These are then compared with the options provided as standard by the software.

Deployment of the solution

The system was installed, configured and set up based on the preliminary analysis. Interfaces with ERPs and HR databases have also been developed. AREMIS has conducted hundreds of implementations of ARCHIBUS since 1994. This enables AREMIS to bring high added value and best practices in this field.

Operating assistance

An operating manual is written with the key parties involved in order to document the procedures to be followed and the specific instructions that apply to each type of party. AREMIS also customised training courses and day-to-day assistance for users.


ARCHIBUS: An asset management solution to support EPFL's growth

The introduction of the ARCHIBUS asset management solution has enabled EPFL’s growth to be supported through the incorporation of all of the information available about the building stock.

This in turn has enabled reliable statistical data to be produced, which had led de facto to enhanced cost controls for the buildings.

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