Smart FM: an innovative contractual model

16 mars 2021

ENGLISH VERSION | The new ways of working urge the actors of the FM to reinvent their business model

In today’s age of "Smart Building ", many managers lack a centralized database; and in case, it is often poorly documented. Hence the choice of specialists in order to perform a situation analysis of what is available and what is expected, and then to address the priorities. It is unnecessary to invest in a too complex information system. A simple and collaborative approach seems to be sufficient, if only to have up-to-date drawings or occupancy information.

Because what really matters today for the Real Estate actors, is to optimize their Buildings portfolio and to improve the profitability of workstations while offering enhanced or renewed services to occupants.

Towards a transformation of services

With regard to the new concepts of workplaces, the new purpose of facility management should be redirected to the staff, who become the real customer. The new living facilities encourage multiple innovations in terms of planning, furniture, but also at the level of offered services.

Digitization as vehicle for transformation

If, in the past, the digital technologies were limited to the notion of “Information System”, today they are everywhere, and as much as possible user-oriented. They represent a significant opportunity as part of a redesign of services and allow a better dialogue with the users.

The challenge is therefore double for the companies: not to rush into implementing technologies, whose sustainability is not proven yet and to manage from now on a massive amount of information. AREMIS developed an operational methodology in several key stages, combining the construction of a long-lasting reference base and the capacity to accommodate openly living information from active, existing or yet to come sources.

Smart FM is built on the balance between the structuring long-term vision and the inherent agility of service and technology innovation.


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