Congratulations to our new Leesman Advanced Practitioner

18 mars 2021

Our colleague Laura Chovelon is now part of the Leesman Advanced Practitioner Community

Leesman Certification

The Leesman study, whose database now contains the results of more than 555,000 end users across 92 countries, reveals that only 60% of employees agree that their current work environment enables them to work productively.

It is therefore not surprising to see that the working environment is placed as an essential component for real estate actors to measure. Under pressure from multiple factors such as new technologies linking to mobility challenges, as well as new management methods, workplace managers are now reviewing their strategy in terms of organising their environments.

The Leesman tool measures employee experience both in terms of the efficiency of the work environments as well as the way employees feel about them, and therefore offers a unique opportunity to examine what features, services and physical structures will be needed to constitute an optimal workplace. Based on a panel of questions relating to the adequacy of the spaces with the professional activities, the equipment and the quality of the services offered, the survey reveals the impact of the working environment on the company's culture, image and productivity.

Leesman Index

Bearing in mind that a positive employee experience has the power to considerably enhance productivity as well as attract and to build on the loyalty of talent, the need to ensure that the working environment you offer is in line with your business and employees' expectations becomes paramount.

The Leesman index has become an essential tool in the realization of our workplace optimization missions, as an independent study that provides evidence-based data to support better informed decisions about organising the work environment.

We congratulate Laura Chovelon who is now part of the Advanced Practitioner community, and who dedicates her expertise in interpreting Leesman data to developing outstanding work environments.

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