Smart working : from design to post-implementation care

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Implementing a New Way of Working  to address fast growth, to save space and  to reduce the carbon footprint.

The company

GSK Biologicals

  • GlaxoSmithKline Vaccines (GSK Vaccines), the vaccine division of the GSK Group, is a global vaccine research, development and production company, at the cutting edge of innovation in the fight against the most deadly infections and diseases. 
  • Headquartered in Belgium, GSK Vaccines employs over 12.000 people worldwide, of which 8.000 in its three Belgian sites: Rixensart, Wavre and Gembloux.

The challenge

Facing a strong growth and changes in ways of working, GSK decided to implement a new workplace concept called ‘Smart Working’ in line with its corporate culture.
Moving from assigned desks to an ActivityBased Workplace raised several challenges  that had to be addressed carefully:

  • Workplace concept definition;
  • Communication and change management;
  • Physical implementation;
  • Move management;
  • Post-implementation care;
  • ...

The challenge

The results

The careful deployment of the Smart Working environment produced so far the following results:

  • Space savings: 31%
  • Employee satisfaction:  84%
  • CO² savings: annual production of 170 families

The results

The AREMIS methodology


1. Overall Project Methodology Definition

  • Organization and planning
  • Change management policy

2. Needs Specification Workshops

  • Workplace users profiles
  • Individual and collective requirements
  • Coaching users about preparation activities such as ‘Clear out’ day (storage reduction)

 3. New Workplace Design 

  • Interior design specification (colors, furniture,…)
  • Technical solutions coordination (IT, printing,…)
  • Space layout proposals, communication to community members

4. Project and Change Management

  • Project coordination with all stakeholders 
  • Detailed explanation to community members
  • Relationships with several committees (EHS,…) 

5. Move Management

  • Preparation, planning, communication
  • Supervision of work and move coordination
  • Drawings, database and space KPI’s update

6. Post-Implementation Follow-up

  • Satisfaction assessment 
  • Fine-tuning
  • Capacity / occupancy evolution measurements and anticipation




The methodology


« The design and the implementation of the SmartWorking represented a major challenge. The experience and commitment of AREMIS resources have largely contributed to the achievement of our initial objectives. »." (2014)

Benoït Schmits

Director, Real Estate, Infrastructure & Site Management Strategy