Implementation of a CMMS associated with Space Management

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Phased deployment of a CMMS associated with space management in the hospital sector

The Company

The Company

The Clinique Saint-Pierre Ottignies, third largest employer in Brabant Wallon (Belgium), is a reference regional hospital for the benefit of patients who entrust their health. Located in the heart of Brabant Wallon, CSPO has occupied the current site since 1973. Since its construction, numerous extensions have increased the surface area to more than 45.000m² in 2015. The current surface of the site is struggling to cope with the growth of the Clinic's activity. As other building projects were foreseen, the historic solution used for space management was no longer sufficient. This is the reason why the implementation of Archibus started in 2012.

The Challenges

  • Accurate definition of spaces and allocations (link to drawings)
  • Definition of distribution keys for chargeback organisation towards occupants (internal services and external doctors)
  • Guarantee the availability of equipment (technical and biomedical) that make the hospital’s space functional.

The results

  • Transparency on cost chargeback
  • Simple management process for technical inventory, corrective and preventive maintenance (including mobility)

The Methodology and AREMIS added value


  • Identification of the major challenges linked to the client’s activity (healthcare)
  • Presentation of the tool in its standard version
  • Gap analysis
  • Development of a project plan (roadmap, phasing according to priorities, sharing of risks, provisional planning, change management, recovery of pre-existing data)
  • Advice on the technical architecture (internal / external hosting, ERP integration, etc.)
  • Implementation (training, configuration, customizations when necessary)
  • Intensive users support (hypercare) during the first days of use


  • Location of static equipment
  • Viewing problems on drawings
  • Increased lifetime of equipment
  • Statistics on problematic places and associated costs
  • Traceability required for the accreditation process

Next Steps

  • Addition of security equipment (fire doors, emergency lighting, …)
  • Establishment of a service centre (catering, room reservation)
  • Dynamic geolocation of high-value assets (beds, syringe driver)


AREMIS has perfectly understood our constraints to implement the software according to our priorities and pace, while allowing the use of the product in a version very close to its standard. This way of working has avoided specific and recurring development costs.

AREMIS also provided us with the necessary knowledge to acquire autonomy in the evolution of our interface and its configuration (sites / building evolution, services desk, organization chart of services, creation of reports, creation of indicators (KPI)…).

We also want to underline the structured support AREMIS brings us over time. This enables us to dispose of the adapted skills when we need them, and represents for us a real partnership.

Christophe Arnould

Head of Infrastructure and Technique Department, CSPO