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Since the pandemic, are you finding it hard to get your employees back into the office?

Double-booked meeting rooms, burdensome visitor management, multiple technicians trying to repair the same equipment, lifts that are regularly out of service. Inefficiencies across your organisation are frustrating, demotivating, and costly.

As the world of work evolves, creating a high-performing workplace is more critical than ever to your organisation's overall performance and success. And implementing the right digital solutions can help you do exactly that.


A digital workplace ecosystem suited to your organisation's ambitions

Whatever your organisation's level of digital maturity, we work closely with you to understand your current situation and the main challenges you're experiencing.

Together we establish a vision for where you want your organisation to be and explore how various digital solutions could help you achieve that vision.

Our focus is always on choosing the most appropriate technology for your needs, taking into account your ambitions and budget.

In some cases, that might be a point solution that tackles a single problem, such as a visitor management tool or room-booking software.

In others, we might recommend a more holistic Integrated Workplace Management Solution (IWMS) that solves multiple challenges from one central point.

As an independent integrator, we can support you with solutions from any of the most well-renowned workplace management systems, including Eptura (Archibus), Planon, and Tririga.

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Let's talk!

Integrating the right digital workplace solutions can transform your organisation. We'd love to discuss your needs and ambitions and see how we can help.


Digital problem-solvers ready for action

Our 50-person digital team includes business analysts, solutions experts, application engineers, and project managers.

By combining our skills and expertise, we bring both the big-picture and detail-focused perspectives needed to analyse your business needs, propose the most appropriate digital solutions, and get those solutions up and running in your organisation.

Our close collaboration and knowledge sharing with colleagues across the AREMIS group reinforces our deep understanding of the workplace landscape and means we’re fully up-to-date with industry trends and best practices.


We are committed to finding the best solution to meet your needs

We have no ulterior motives when we recommend a digital solution for your organisation.

Our only goal is your organisation's satisfaction, which is why we only propose digital solutions we believe will bring real value to your organisation.

Trust is a crucial element of the relationships we build with our clients, and we always have your organisation's best interests at heart

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