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The 2024 hybrid work report is here!

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What is about ?

Unveiling Client Strategies from Our 2024 Survey for Optimal Workplace Flexibility

Many companies are still struggling to define – beyond the return-to-office initiatives – a balanced hybrid working approach..

During the fall of 2023 we asked our clients how they deal with this challenge; Today we provide you with a report on what this survey taught us.

How we did it ?

Global Perspectives on Hybrid Work: A Comprehensive Survey

This survey was completed by 65 companies across 4 countries representing 500 K+ office occupants.

The objective was to explore the different ways companies are managing hybrid working today.

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Data matters more

Unlocking Value and Insights in the Digital Workplace

Maximize your organization's potential by utilizing its data to uncover in-depth insights for improved and swifter business decisions. With the rapid pace of workplace digitalization, your organization's data volume is growing at an unprecedented rate. The key questions to consider are the business value that this data can provide, the optimal way to utilize it, and how different data sets can be integrated to reveal unique insights.

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