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Job description

About AREMIS and YWOW AREMIS focuses on the development and the wellbeing of its teams. Our values are based on caring, team and corporate spirit, diversity, humour, good work-life balance, focus on results and respect for commitments. Working at AREMIS means joining a multidisciplinary and enterprising team.

The YWOW - Your Way of Work® department of AREMIS focuses on all aspects of Workplace & Corporate Real Estate Solutions and particularly the Workplace Transition Journey that most organizations must now address as a positive consequence of the Covid pandemic.
We are a unique, independent and multi-disciplinary team of experts.
Our approach and ecosystem of talents makes it possible to deal with all aspects and phases of the project. From mobility to the evolution of workspaces within your organization. From data driven analytics and project planning to understanding the interactions and collaboration flows within your work environment. We also take care of change management.

Our work methods focus on human capital and its needs.

  • Be supported by experts who share the same values, passions and goals: how to unleash the potential of your work environment? No two companies are the same: culture, objectives, vision, mission, strategy. We are convinced that there is no single solution. We therefore propose ‘tailor-made’ solutions, based on your strategic needs.
  • Choosing us, means opting for a partnership with a team of trusted experts with solid references and experience in line with the requirements of your project.
  • A culture of innovation and agility

Profile required

Your Key Responsibilities

  • Responsible for project pursuits and client relationship management.
  • Leads Project Kick-Off meetings, Visioning Sessions, interviews, focus groups, surveys, and all related workshops to ensure the delivery of a successful program to our clients.
  • Leads roll-ou of projects, including, resources and schedule planning, review of analytics, qualitative and quantitative data collections.
  • Acts as an internal and external ambassador for the firm.
  • Engages with peer teams in Workplace across the organization on projects where planning and strategy skills are required to deliver best in class workplace strategy and change management programs to our clients.
  • Engages with Workplace sector leadership across AREMIS including participation in biweekly and monthly calls and attending the annual Summit.

Your Capabilities and Credentials

  • Excellent presentation and communication skills, including experience delivering presentations to C-suite teams.
  • Comfortable with technology tools for virtual collaboration and mobile work.
  • Excellent organizational skills, attention to detail.
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office tools.
  • Ability to develop processes and methodologies to understand and analyze both the quantitative and qualitative aspects of space planning, occupancy and workplace performance for a variety of client organizations.
  • Proven skills in information gathering and presentation design and delivery.
  • Excellent project management and team building skills.
  • An entrepreneurial orientation with strong understanding of the business development challenges of a consulting-services provider.

Education and Experience

  • Bachelor's degree in a professional field (fields may range from interior design to business planning)
  • 3 years minimum of related experience in interior design, strategic workplace


  • You will become a member of the Your Way of Work® team of experts as part of the AREMIS Group.
  • You will access to our community, international knowledge sharing, training & coaching and events
  • We propose a competitive salary package
  • You will enjoy working in the atmosphere of our core values: GROWHT – TRUST – FUN

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