In the new context of Smart Working, you want to be able to control at actual use of spaces. We process and analyse various sources of data to produce your Workplace Analytics Dashboard (WAD) and to give you pragmatic and indisputable indicators. 

Our skills

Use of space: let’s replace estimates and heated debate by indisputable data

With the intensification of New Ways of Working, sharing spaces means understanding how they are used and by what entities. As this can change quickly, you need more and more frequent indicators that are indisputable and intelligible. For example:

  • the rate of use of spaces, by entity
  • the rate of use of meeting rooms and other collaborative spaces
  • the rate of use of the building and parking spaces
  • the level and frequency of peaks
  • the scenarios for smoothing out those peaks
  • the main ways in which the offices are used

Before deploying sensors or other equipment, let’s start with the existing data.

Basing ourselves on sources of data that have been anonymised, aggregated and restated, we industrialise the supply to your Workplace Analytics dashboard.
We can also analyse these indicators periodically to feed and support your scenarios and decisions. By combining data expertise with workplace advice, we enable you to prepare well-founded and reasoned decisions and in particular to turn approximation margins into room for manoeuvre.

Our contributions:

Our contributions

  • Anonymisation, processing and aggregation of multiple sources of information
  • Visual representation of key indicators
  • Work environment advice