The transition to the systematic use of BIM GEM/OMM (Operational Maintenance Management) models is underway. We are still very much at the hybrid use stage: plans + digital models. AREMIS is positioned as a trusted business partner for the creation and management of your digital BIM models using Autodesk REVIT software.

Our skills

New real estate projects are being designed with increasing frequency using BIM methodology, with digital models being supplied at the Construction phase, in particular with the help of the REVIT program from Autodesk. The transition to the world of Exploitation still remains a challenge and BIM models are underused after the handover of the real estate project.

How to take control of the management of your digital models with Autodesk’s REVIT software?

AREMIS guides you through a tailored offering in the Services Centre:

  • Experienced REVIT modellers
  • Professional expertise in Operational Maintenance
  • Remote services or at your premises
  • Ad hoc or ongoing services
  • Training for your internal teams

Our guidance for processing your REVIT digital models

As a member of the ’Autodesk Development Network, AREMIS is your specialist partner in REVIT software for developing, updating and managing the associated data for your REVIT digital models.

From the programming phases through to the implementation of maintenance, we act as your adviser for the audit of BIM models, the drafting of BIM Exploitation charters, monitoring operations and the implementation of innovative BIM use cases.

  • BIM Management / AMO BIM: guidance for Project Managers and Real Estate Departments in the business BIM strategy and in the knowledge and management of the current and/or future real estate assets in BIM.
  • Audit of BIM models: using dedicated scripts and software, we provide quality and conformity control of your REVIT digital BIM models
  • Training: training courses on the REVIT software at our clients, from beginner level through to specialist management in BIM GEM
  • Development: as an “Autodesk Authorised Developer”, AREMIS produces developments and conversion and verification routines of REVIT digital models.

Our skills for managing your Autodesk digital REVIT models

Our skills

  • REVIT modeller
  • Updates of digital architectural and operational models
  • Processing of graphics data
  • BIM-GEM/OMM (Operational Maintenance Management) charters
  • Training on the REVIT software

What is Autodesk's REVIT software?

REVIT a building design software program published by Autodesk, making it possible to create a model of a building in 3D and address all of the facets associated with its construction.

Revit is a CAD program with the ability to model makes it an essential building block of BIM methodologies, the aim of which is to be able to work collaboratively around data sources that are as centralised as possible.

Revit is therefore aimed at the various Construction professions in order to model buildings in three dimensions and to document objects via parameters. A single file contains all of the data in which each element (object) interacts with the other objects in its discipline (structure, networks, fluids, etc.). Updates are therefore facilitated, as is the production of all views of the model, names, the production of plan sheets, etc.

The standard format of REVIT files for projects is rvt
The exchange format of Autodesk data is dxf (Drawing eXchange Format).

REVIT delivers a change of methodology culture compared with AutoCAD software in which forms are “drawn” in dedicated overlays; in REVIT, rich business objects are modelled as part of an overall digital model.