Facility management consulting for companies

Flash exploration is a good way of addressing the short term, aiming to take a fast decision that will have a direct operational impact.   The flash audit FM is certainly not just an overview. Unlike the traditional audit, a flash audit focuses on very specific points and the critical processes that are involved in Facility Management services.

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Inappropriate contractual requirements or organisational methods have evolved and as a Real Estate and Work Environment Manager (DET) you need to regularly address cost anomalies, make up for a lack of operating information, fill the gaps in an incomplete multiyear programme or live with a lack of supervision about regulations.

Effective guidance for the direction taken by your real estate operating policy

We have developed the Audit Flash Facility Management approach to help you relaunch the dynamic of your real estate operations:

  • Identification of malfunctions
  • Adaptation of services to actual usage and operating issues
  • Mapping of the fundamental operating processes 
  • Structure of the catalogue of services
  • Supervision of financial direction and improvement of economic efficiency
  • Definition of a roadmap

How does an Audit Flash FM work?

The Audit Flash FM process is structured around the analysis of a questionnaire covering sixty or so fundamental technical, organisational and economic points.

  • Identifying the overall operating cost (€ per m² per year, or € per Workstation per year)
  • Benchmarking of costs
  • Operational organisation charts
  • Profiles of contact points and matrix of who does what
  • Analysis of practices
  • Terms for guiding services and monitoring activities
  • Using information systems
  • Structuring operating processes
  • Contractual terms
  • etc.

This questionnaire assesses the way in which an organisation carries out, monitors and guides its Facility Management services and establishes a position compared with market standards.

The audit report also identifies the main difficulties and proposes the financial and organisational directions required to take decisions quickly that will have a direct operational impact.

Our skills for the launch of a Flash Audit FM

Our skills

  • Facility Management
  • Operational Maintenance
  • Services to Occupants
  • Organisation audit
  • Servicer audit
  • Benchmarks and Statistics