Facility management consulting for companies

Defining a Facility Management project is complex and requires a controlled and structured approach. Our Project Management Assistance (AMO/PMA) FM is structured around:  

1. Organising an inventory on real or future needs
2. The production of Consultation Dossiers
3. Guiding the Client throughout the process of analysing proposals and selecting the best bid
4. Assistance with the introduction of new services 

Our skills

Looking for savings, improving services, variability of activities, synergy of resources, environmental and societal performance, wellbeing of employees, technological and service innovations, etc. are all new issues for the work environment and to which Facility Management is required to respond today.

An AMO/PMA FM as an agile partner for your Operational strategy

All complex factors where AREMIS has the ability to provide pragmatic and practical answers that take account of the operational features and constraints specific to each client.

Assistance with User Control of services to Occupants and Buildings

Assistance with User Control consists of designing a system of Facility Management based on an excellent knowledge of what is useful from both the Client’s and the User’s point of view and in line with the amount that the buyer is prepared to pay.

Assistance with User Control consists of providing the right balance between needs and the solutions proposed, i.e.:

  1. Defining the fundamentals of a Facility Management operation: understanding the requirements needed for the use of space and organising a response geared to the issues of flexibility and the personalisation of business components (Cleanliness, Reception, Safety & Security, Maintenance, Logistics, Inspections, etc.)
  2. Coming up with the response to new issues related to Facility Management (or FM 2 ONE) in the end relationship with the Employee: flexibility of usage services, particular attention to the conduct of end-users and design of the user experience

Our skills in FM AMO/PMA

Our skills

  • Structuring the Facility Management strategy
  • Organisational and operational audits
  • Definition of Operational needs
  • Assembly of Consultation Dossiers (DCE)
  • Organisation of Calls for Tenders and assistance with the selection of submissions
  • Guidance with deployment
  • Technical Due Diligence
  • Inspections and Measurement of performances
  • Implementation of management systems