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6th Sense Workplace – What if service innovation was just around the corner?

Putting a little human intelligence back within the processes and organising the transparent sharing of the way performance is managed are two of the challenges facing Real Estate and Work Environment Departments today. Interacting with colleagues, picking up weak signals on the field and analysing behaviour are all triggers to support organisational transformation.

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Looking to measure the quality and efficiency of your work environment? Satisfaction surveys, polls, suggestion boxes, etc… are all necessary and enlightening methods. Yet they are not totally sufficient because, intrinsically, they are distorted.

How can you go further with the approach taken by the AREMIS 6th Sense Workplace?

Traditional measurement tools do not really reflect the employee’s engagement or specific blocks at time T:

  • context generally directed by management bodies
  • culture of no feedback and the silent majority
  • aggravated feedback: the discontented let off steam while the satisfied ones self-combust

Yet understanding the interactions between the occupants of the different work environments is the essential guide to active Workplace Management and the development of services.

To pick up even the weakest signals from the work environment, you need to be able to add to the huge reservoir of data we have from observing the workplace and the lives of the people who work there. With this in mind, AREMIS has designed the deployment of teams in the very heart of the workspaces, in direct contact with the occupants and dedicated to the observation of habits, efficiency, tensions and so on.

AREMIS 6th Sense Workplace: teams deployed directly in your work environments to “kill 3 birds with one stone”

  1. Active observation: objective and robust reading of what’s happening on the ground and of the user pathway in the office, but also of the storytelling and resulting user perception
  2. Constant experimentation: the direct mobilisation of users with a continuous rise in maturity and practical opportunities for experimenting with (new) working habits
  3. Fluidification in daily life: natural facilitation on the ground through the direct reduction of irritants (corrective) and the enhancement of user perception (continuous communication)
  4. AREMIS 6th Sense Workplace is the approach by weak signals that combines data and human intelligence.

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AREMIS 6th Sense Workplace: a clever balance between multiple professions

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