In the age of the Digital Workplace and the Smart Building, ARCHIBUS is the benchmark solution for managing workspaces. It is also establishing itself as a digital solution for facility management. From controlling real estate costs to a stronger experience of workplaces, this digital solution for Workplace Management enables you to optimise your infrastructures and services and make them smoother. 

Our skills

Thinking ahead and responding quickly in a changing context

Organisations are evolving at a quickening pace, imposing rapid transformations on the work environment. In this context, you need to have a single source of irrefutable data and processes coordinated around users, their spaces and all of the associated services. It is this form of integrated, agile and robust management that is supported by ARCHIBUS.

ARCHIBUS is the solution used most frequently across the world to manage the work environment and business real estate.

This solution has demonstrated its continuity for over 30 years and offers unequalled flexibility for adapting to your needs. ARCHIBUS uses the most widespread technologies and graphic data formats, such as AutoCAD, Revit and ESRI, integrating itself particularly well as SaaS or on-site into your IT environment thanks particularly to its Web architecture.

Its comprehensive business scope covers the following areas in particular:

  • Business real estate
  • Projects and budgets
  • Management of spaces and occupancy
  • Maintenance
  • Services to occupants
  • Inventories and equipment
  • Compliance and durability

With over 25 years of experience and more than 60 million m² managed, AREMIS has the largest team of qualified integrators across the continent of Europe. Our consultants combine good practices with their technological expertise to meet your individual needs, focusing with determination on pragmatism – i.e. solutions capable of meeting your day-to-day issues on a sustainable basis.

ISO27001-certified, we can host the solution in total security and compliance to speed up rollout and simplify maintenance.

Whether you have an ad hoc need or a broader scope of business to address, we are convinced that confidence is deservedly growing with each project. We are in favour of pilot projects (Proof of Concept) followed by an assessment before proceeding with a total rollout using the Agile or traditional method.

Our skills

Our skills

  • Business real estate
  • Lease management
  • Projects and budgets
  • Management of spaces and dynamic spaces
  • Management of bookings and occupancy
  • Management of relocations
  • Onward invoicing
  • Preventative and corrective maintenance
  • Service portal, hotelling
  • Inventories and equipment