Facility management consulting for companies

BIM, Building Information Modelling, is at the heart of the digital revolution in the real estate world. Technologies are opening up new perspectives and authorizing new uses for BIM, and it is above all a question of approaching these methodologies from a business use perspective.     

Numerous concepts are being put forward every day: BIM GEM/OMM, 7D, Hypervision, BOS, Smart Building, exchange or collaborative platforms, CDE, interoperability, etc. Some will be confirmed, others will remain at the proposal stage.

Our skills

The Operational Maintenance Management phase (GEM/OMM) of a building represents the most costly part in the overall life of the building: 5 to 7 times more than Design and 3 times more than Construction.

Approach the Operational BIM with realism

It is important that each construction or renovation project be planned to comply with modern digital requirements, with the objective of achieving better control over the portfolio in line with the BIM rules specific to your company’s way of working.

The quality of the choices you make today will affect your future ability to implement new uses and the digital tools that go with them.

AREMIS guides you with a tailored offering:

  • Operational BIM AMO/PMA
  • Transition from BIM Projects to Operational BIM
  • Integration with associated real estate management systems: IWMS, CMMS, BMS
  • Management of the cohabitation of CAD drawing and digital BIM models
  • Geographic information systems (GIS)
  • Dashboards and real estate operating indicators
  • Connected workplaces

Our guidance in Operational BIM

We assist you in clarifying your digital ambitions for the real estate management of your assets. We help you define a clear Roadmap for implementing a BIM perspective for Operations.

In practical terms, we will help you answer the following questions:

  • Which BIM ambitions for what business uses?
  • How to draw up an Operational BIM Charter and Protocol?
  • What benefits can be expected from the BIM?
  • What practices need to be defined to manage business BIM information on a day-to-day basis?
  • What BIM technology standards should be used?

Our skills in Operational BIM

Our skills

  • BIM GEM/OMM Charter (Operational Maintenance Management)
  • BIM GEM/OMM Protocol (Operational Maintenance Management)
  • BIM Management
  • BIM digital strategy
  • Integration of BIM and IWMS