Consulting for your workspaces

Transparency, agility and efficiency are essential assets today for Real Estate and Work Environment Managers in their Workplace projects. A good understanding of the use of space must take precedence over the quest for beauty. AREMIS aims to take a pragmatic approach with Workplace AMO/PMA to help guide your property projects.

Our skills

Been feeling frustrated for years by those office design and development projects where the quest for beauty only manages to obscure a good understanding of the proper use of space? Where the illusion of happiness in the workplace hides the real issues facing the company? Where the focus on short-term savings prevents any future flexibility?

AREMIS guides you in the transformation of your workspaces

What if we put a little frugality and pragmatism back into the project by anticipating the future uses of everyday life and operations and by restoring transparency to the way projects are arranged financially?

AREMIS offers a Project Management Approach (AMO/PMA) for your real estate projects:

  • Optimisation studies
  • Space Planning
  • Digital Workplace
  • Transfer Engineering
  • Office relocation management
  • AMO/PMA Works Takers
  • AMO/PMA Operational Maintenance

Our methodology in 5 stages for an effective and sustainable work environment

  1. Definition: Our analysis tools enable us to establish an inventory of your spaces and the way you use them to validate a comprehensive strategic programme
  2. Design: We translate your uses and needs for the future into a design that enables you to stimulate creativity, exchanges, desire and performance.
  3. Guidance: Where there’s a situation of change, engagement is essential if your project is to benefit from truly powerful results. Our method enables awareness to be raised by involving every individual concerned for the success of your project.
  4. Implementation: Our professional goal is to transform the places where work is done so that they can achieve their full potential to be attractive, efficient and sustainable,
  5. Monitoring: By placing our efforts behind collaboration and long-term support, we implement monitoring through a programme of effective maintenance.

Our skills for a tailored Workplace AMO/PMA:

Our skills

  • Change management
  • Architecture
  • Design
  • Space Planning
  • Advice about the work environment
  • Workplace advice
  • NWOW