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We have established our ecosystem over many years, with successful realizations. As a result, you benefit from our solid network in Facility or Workplace Management.
Save time and get your projects up and running quickly with our efficient approach

Find your new talent specialised in facility or workplace management, based on relevant and motivated candidates


Why do our solutions exist?

  • The race to find talents
  • The need for professional expertise
  • The temporary input of skills
  • The informed approach
  • Finding "the one-in-a-million" talent
  • The job description that doesn’t match current needs
  • Customers do not have direct access to a network of experts

Agoria shares its experience

Sovanna Hem
HR BP AGORIA Real Estate

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Let's identify the right talent for your projects or to temporarily reinforce your facilities department

Our unique ecosystem:

developed for more than 25 years in the field of work environment, ranging from technical systems and the management of facility contracts, to relocations and more.
In other words, the full array of skills needed to manage and progress work environments.

Our Talents & Projects experts come from the field:

the key asset to quickly capture your needs and make the link with the right profile.

Our community of experts:

who can strengthen your professional team on a project basis in an efficient and flexible way.

Our approach in LEAN mode:

project-based to find and motivate in a pragmatic and efficient way the candidate to join your organization.

+ 120


+ 1 000

In-house training

92 %


+ 25


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Our skills for making your search for new talents an efficient one:

Our skills


looking for experts


uniquely filled with profiles suited to the world of Facility Management


by project to attract good talents, whether for a fixed period or time yet to be defined


for validating the job description and assessing budget expectations

What profile are you looking for?

Diagnosis of the job content

Our focus:

  • Technical skills
  • Personality
  • Intrinsic motivation
  • The right balance between your needs and your environment

The success of a good selection process begins with the correct definition of your needs. Finding the right profile is part of those needs.

Bart D'Heer

Do you need diagnosis for your search?

Within 30 minutes, the profile you are looking for is confirmed.

The profile you are looking for is confirmed in 30 minutes.
No-obligation profile diagnostics

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