Date 24 June 2024
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Escape the hustle and bustle of work, tips for quieter Tuesdays and Thursdays

Optimising workspace: adapting to flexible working days and desk-sharing

In most organizations we see a peak on Tuesdays and Thursdays, with a surplus of desk space and meeting options on the other days.


Far fewer colleagues come to the office on Mondays, Wednesdays and certainly Fridays. This is partly due to part-time working regimes, but certainly not solely because of that.


Most organizations have already responded to this by introducing desk sharing, but there is still a lot to be gained from reducing the office space.


You can use part of the financial savings this produces to steer colleagues in the right direction.

How can you, as an organization, reduce the workload on Tuesdays and Thursdays and allow more colleagues to work together in the office on the other days?

You have many options for this, below is a selection of the options.

As is often the case, the exemplary behavior of (senior) management determines what the average employee does.


Are you planning the team meeting on a day other than Tuesday or Thursday?

Does the weekly management committee ensure that more colleagues are present in the office on Tuesdays or Thursdays?


Especially in flexible environments, it is important to spread the joint moments at the office of the different teams in the same zone.


A simple agreement between the various managers will quickly resolve this.


Financial and booking strategies to balance office days

If the organization uses a tool to reserve a workplace or is about to introduce one, you can also take a steering role in this.


For example, you can parameterize that an employee can only reserve a Tuesday OR a Thursday in the same week.


Monday, Wednesday and Friday can then be booked well in advance, Tuesday or Thursday only shortly before. You can also link a value to an office day and give the employees a budget pot.


A higher value for Tuesday and Thursday ensures that an employee will reserve less from his, her or their budget.


This way you promote the popularity of the perhaps less occupied weekdays.

Envie de journées plus calmes ?

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Hybrid meetings are now so good that virtual meetings on Tuesdays and Thursdays are suitable for many meeting moments!

An important thing to take into account is the integration of the home work and mobility policy so that they are aligned as best as possible.


Time for a better approach to hybrid working and an accompanying policy?



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