Date 8 July 2024
Catégorie Travail hybride

Analyze weak signals, strengthen the service experience

Get out of the “box”

The recent wave of flexibility in commercial real estate has radically transformed the way organizations design their workspaces and associated services. At AREMIS, we have observed that these changes have led to an evolution of lease contracts, a shortening of decision horizons, and increased virtualization of workstations.


In this competitive context, where companies struggle to attract and retain talent, emphasis has been placed on creating attractive and functional workspaces , adapted to the high expectations of employees.


These optimization efforts, although not always explicitly recognized, require the delivery of spaces that are both aesthetically pleasing and enriched with advanced technologies. Our employees, already accustomed to cutting-edge technologies in their personal lives, expect to find a similar level of performance in their professional environment.


Destandardize the service approach

For Aremis, understanding the real needs of companies and their employees requires breaking with standardized practices which often obscure customer expectations and deplete the overall value of the chain. Pierre Lusteau underlines that despite varied issues, calls for tenders tend to be similar, which harms the effectiveness of the service provided.


It recommends greater flexibility in the relationship between the project owner and the service provider, thus allowing the continuous evolution of recommendations adapted to the unique context of each company.


Aremis is committed to increased transparency in service management, promoting active governance which contributes to the constant improvement of services and a fair distribution of added or lost value.

Découvrez nos solutions pour améliorer l'expérience servicielleDiscover our solutions to improve the service experience

We offer innovative solutions to strengthen the service experience in a hybrid work environment. Explore how we can help you detect and use weak signals to optimize your services.


Measure service continuously

At AREMIS, we recognize that to truly understand and improve our work environments, it is crucial to go beyond traditional methods like suggestion boxes and surveys, which can be biased.


Pierre Lusteau underlines the importance of directly observing the interactions of employees in the field to capture more precise and nuanced information.


We therefore integrated observation teams into the work spaces for continuous qualitative analysis. These specifically trained ambassadors help us understand social dynamics and adjust our services in real time, ensuring that work environments remain adapted and responsive to the changing needs of employees.


This approach allows AREMIS to maintain consistency and service relevance in all its projects.



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