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Your FM management is ripe for a transformation. As your second-largest overhead after salaries, the FM function can become a strategic performance-related lever for your company by providing better support for your core business and anticipating future needs better. This is particularly important for attracting and retaining talented staff.

Our skills

65% of the potential optimisation of FM and Workplace functions can be found in the following points (source: FM Trend report 2019)

  • FM expenditure is not always centralised and so is not transparent
  • Incomplete knowledge about current market-compliant budgeting
  • Optimisation projects are postponed due to operating pressures
  • In-house knowledge and skills are no longer available or efficient enough to manage these projects effectively
  • Not all data is centralised and accessible
  • Legacy contracts have become inflexible, incomplete or outdated
  • There are no workable quality management arrangements in place
  • Operating processes and services are decentralised and not uniform
  • Dependency on suppliers has grown due to the lack of control and knowledge about current installations

The pragmatic approach that we have developed to identify your potential
Our methodological approach for identifying your potential

Nos compétences

Nos compétences

  • FM contract management 2.0
  • Strategic SLAs and KPIs
  • Comparative analysis of your FM costs based on our reference databases built up for over 15 years
  • Synergies and optimisation of your current processes