Managers of real estate assets, make effective use of your business data sources by using the FME program. The data for your spaces, plans, digital models and inventories can be processed and harmonised using specialised processing and pragmatic approaches in geomatics. 

Our skills

Some studies talk about 80% of businesses being submerged by the proliferation of data and just 9.2% of them managing to organise a centralised data management system.

Too bulky, heterogeneous, difficult to use separately when delving into the information “manually”, does the real estate and technical data you hold pose problems for you?

It doesn’t have to be that way!

Take back control of your data thanks to FME software

AREMIS has developed expertise in the mass processing of graphics and alphanumeric data on behalf of real estate and work environment professionals by using the FME program from Safe Software.

  • AutoCAD building plans,
  • AutoCAD technical plans,
  • (BIM) REVIT and IFC digital models,
  • SIG mapping data,
  • Accounting and financial data,
  • Technical and equipment inventories,
  • HR inventories,
  • Entry/exit badges,
  • Occupancy rates
  • And lots more

Let us guide you through your data using FME software

Businesses need to be able to envisage a form of “industrialisation” for data recovery and especially when large volumes of graphics data are involved. We have developed advanced expertise in the creation of very clever recovery scripts for taking up whole libraries of plans and maps, enable dozens, hundreds and even thousands of plans to be worked on without the use of manual graphics.

Generally speaking, we use graphics ETL such as the FME solution developed by Safe Software

We have also developed more specialised Python scripting approaches on AutoCAD (AutoLISP language).

Our skills with FME software

Our skills

  • FME scripts
  • Processing of graphics data
  • Processing of alphanumeric data
  • Recovery of plans
  • Training on FME software

What is Safe Software's FME software?

FME (Feature Manipulation Engine) is an ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) program developed by the Canadian company, SAFE Software, which specialises in the processing of geographic, vector, image and alphanumeric data.

FME makes it possible to process practically any type of data (+450 formats and applications) and convert it to suit your needs. By creating your own personalised workflows, you improve access to your data and resolve problems of compatibility, without the need to enter anything via the modelling graphics interface.