Consulting for your workspaces

The increase in homeworking, the implementation of Smart Working or other forms of dynamic environments involves significant changes to managerial practices, as well as to methods of collaboration, both in the office and when working remotely. The success of these transitions involves active change management. 

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Losing your way and dealing with disintegration of team cohesion and staff commitment are risks associated with a dynamic work environment with too little management.

Change management: guarantee for the success of your Workplace transition.

The change management proposed by AREMIS is applied very practically to new ways of working (Smart Working, NWoW, etc.) designed with our clients based on their DNA and their specific objectives.

Change management applied to the work environment

The consultants and experts at AREMIS have been involved in the transition to new ways of working and new work environments for nearly 20 years.

Change management is proposed and synchronised perfectly with the new concepts chosen by our clients and complements the resources of internal change management.

In particular, it covers the following subjects:

  • Good remote management practices
  • The protocols for working ‘online’ and ‘on-site’
  • Ways to share workspaces
  • The right use of the types of spaces proposed

Our guidance is scalable and is recommended ahead of, during and after switching to the new work environment.

Our skills

Our skills

  • Consulting on work environments
  • Change management