AREMIS wordt partner van Real Estech Frankrijk

15 maart 2021

ENGLISH VERSION | AREMIS France joins the community of entrepreneurs, startups and corporations in Real Estate

Trusted partner of the Real Estate managers for more than 20 years, AREMIS has built its strong reputation thanks to a solid record of achievements.

At the beginning of this year, AREMIS joined Real Estech to contribute to the development of the Real Estate large community. This will even enable us to continue our pathfinder mission in the different (r)evolutions linked to the Real Estate sector.

AREMIS helps companies to unleash its workplace potential. AREMIS mission is to optimise the management of your property, improve the organisation of workspaces and the way their occupants interact. Whatever the type of environment. 

Real Estech Europe was born from the idea that the real estate sector stayed still for too long. The organization federates and promotes the actors of innovation in the real estate industry through three activities : content creation  |  events organization  |  lobbying.

AREMIS is established in 4 countries based on 5 offices (Paris, Brussels, Lausanne, Zurich & Luxembourg). AREMIS network of partners offers a worldwide coverage. Highly aware of the specific features of each market, AREMIS also bring strong teams experience and expertise gained internationally.

AREMIS and its staff are members of several local and international associations.

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