AREMIS Belgium | Welcome to Simon Gautry, are new practice leader TECH BE

10 June 2020

Revitalizing the AREMIS Belgium management team

Simon Gautry joined AREMIS several years ago. Trained as an engineer and specialized in agile methods, originally from Toulouse, he started his career on the fast track with almost 10 years of experience as project manager in an IT service company. His main roles were to pilot and integrate management software in the aeronautics sector.

Backed-up with this experience, he was recruited within AREMIS first as a consultant then as a project manager and Scrum master. He then took on the heavy responsibility of being a project director for a large railway group. Alongside these ambitious projects, he actively contributed to the implementation of agile methods on some projects, notably for a global telecom company.

This week, Simon joined the management of AREMIS Belgium as practice leader TECH. He will be in charge of the coordination of the teams, the global follow-up of the TECH projects and the smooth running of the projects. He will also be the high-level relay for AREMIS BE's customers.

Through his experience, Simon has developed very pronounced adaptation skills, a constructive solution-oriented spirit and a willingness to make his teams grow. Simon is a backpacker and loves to travel; he goes several times a year and regularly to the other side of the world. A bon vivant, he likes to spend time with his friends over a drink or a good meal.

Welcome to Simon Gautry, the new TECH practice leader!


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