AREMIS Belgique | Participating to the "Digisprint" 'initiative

24 June 2020

AREMIS Belgique recasting it's Digitalisation strategy with Digisprint by ENGINE & AGORIA 

In this particular period, digitalisation represents a major challenge in terms of innovation and competitiveness for companies. In order to develop its digital opportunities, AREMIS has committed itself to the Digisprint organized by ENGINE and AGORIA.

The Digisprint brings together 6 SMEs from different horizons for a 2-day support aimed at bringing disruptive and high value-added ideas to the forefront. During these workshops, AREMIS will be accompanied by several experts in digitalization and SME development.

The program is structured in 3 steps:

-Digital Maturity Analysis

This phase takes place prior to the workshop. It is a comparative analysis of digital maturity. The process takes the form of a "scan" called the "Digiscan", where a few dozen questions are asked to determine the level of digitalisation of the company and its processes.

-Day 1: Definition of the digital challenge

The first day consists of redefining our customers, their consumption habits and our positioning with respect to them. By alternating individual and group sessions, this first day aims to redefine the company's codes with the "Lean Startup" method.

-Day 2: Selection of digital solutions

The second day aims to determine the digital solutions that meet the challenge defined in day 1, for which collective intelligence will be a considerable asset. The SMEs will be gathered in the same virtual room to give an external opinion on each solution proposed by the other SMEs.

At the end of this digital workshop, AREMIS will have selected its 3 best digital solutions. A pitch will conclude this program in order to synthesize the results of the collective reflection.


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