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Client UBS
Secteur Banques et assurances

Global rollout of occupancy management system


Space, capacity and occupancy managed worldwide


UBS Group

UBS, headquartered in Zurich and Basel, is a global financial institution serving private, corporate and institutional clients. UBS is present in all the world's major financial centers. 

UBS occupies 1.8 million sqm² of office space in 4 major regions: North-East Europe, South-West Europe, the Americas and Asia-Pacific.


Faster reorganizations and better working conditions

With an annual occupancy cost in excess of €1 billion, accelerating reorganizations and the need to provide the best working conditions for its employees, the Corporate Real Estate & Administrative Services (CREAS) division needed relevant and reliable indicators to accomplish its real estate policy.

As 60% of real estate costs are directly correlated with sqm² leased or occupied, these indicators focus on leased surface areas, capacity and occupancy of workspaces worldwide. The reliability of these indicators requires rigorous management of space allocation processes.


Organisational process: From planning to post-implementation support

1. Workshop - Consulting :  

  • Definition of global indicators
  • Business process benchmarking
  • Space and occupancy standards 

2. Specifications : 

  • Plan migration strategy
  • Business process formalization
  • Target architecture specification

3. Elaboration : 

  • I/O interfaces with SAP, BI, HRI, and cost center repositories 
  • Archiving and representation of indicators

4. Assessment:

  • End-user testing
  • Change management 
  • Communication and deployment preparation

5. Data and plan migration :

  • Conversion of 1.8 million sqm² to AutoCAD
  • 3-week commissioning cycles for each major region

6. Post-implementation support

  • Adjustments
  • Roll-out of global support organization

Space optimisation and migration

  • 1.8 million sqm² of office space inventoried and referenced
  • 1.2 million sqm² of existing plans and data migrated and referenced in 3 waves
  • Global information base and reliable indicators 
  • Global support for users in 4 major regions
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