Continous training, an imperative: Autodesk Revit workshops, why?

09 März 2018

ENGLISH VERSION | This priority applies to all AREMIS employees.

The AREMIS teams organize continuous monitoring so that its experts are trained in the best tools on the market. It's in this context that graphic teams, space management experts and interior designers are continually trained on the Autodesk Revit Software suite.

The main objective of these different workshops is to share the available knowledge among colleagues about this software that complements and gradually replaces AutoCAD when developing new buildings.

Take action on BIM Operational Level, a prerequisite?

Revit is Autodesk’s gateway to Building Information Modeling (BIM); BIM applies to the assignment and exchange of “intelligence” (such as properties, parameters, characteristics,…) to objects created in the digital model using Revit, among other software.

AutoCAD, Revit, BIM? What's the connection?

AREMIS supports more than 80 public and private companies in the digital transition of their management tools related to property management, occupiers services and facility management. In the NWOW context of today, we offer insights and concretize the benefits of "Smart" technologies. Our approach is concrete and effective!

Among these technologies, the obvious use of Building Information Modeling (BIM) for major renovation or construction projects, requires for FM Managers to prepare to exploit this information. Serenely, AREMIS proposes a method for progressive implementation of "BIM Exploitation". Our intervention focusses on methodological, practical and IT-aspects.

Testimonial by Martin, Information Systems Consultant – trainer participant: “The workshops are given as sessions of 3 hours to perform exercises together. There is no real trainer, we will change from time to time, so that everyone can share his personal experience of the software. These workshops also allow us to find answers in the execution of specific tasks of each function.”

Each company is organized to meet today’s needs and to anticipate those of tomorrow. Encouraging training and development of one’s own employees is crucial in the present labour market. Because of our multidisciplinary domains and skills, we target training topics that can be useful for every professional who’s looking for short courses that fit into his or her schedule.


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